Ten years grinding sword, SEO website optimization professional team

Founded in 2014, it is one of the few network marketing companies in Taiwan that starts with "Software". It mainly provides friends who agree with the value of SEO, and one of the websites most suitable for SEO. Taiwan has a dedicated service can be seamlessly concatenated with any business logic functions, I believe shark off!

Cloud data center

Deploy enterprise applications (Azure / Amazon / Linode) with a world-class data center for greater security



Provide corporate education and training, the old system architecture advice, troubleshooting consultant services

Website design

Professional core module technology, quickly build your business services (image official website / B2B website / brand e-commerce)


Action application

Whether native development (Android / Apple) or WebApp have rich experience in the development

Website design, nine major features

Quickly build your image to the official website, B2B website, brand e-commerce, the establishment of fans group customers.


Product shelves, shopping carts, one-page checkout, coupons, activities free shipping, gold logistics tandem, member registration, Facebook automatic login

Internet marketing

Custom page content marketing, blog content marketing, community sharing, FB fans show, Line @ series

Invoicing inventory function

Purchase reports, sales reports, quick check inventory, return settings

Customer push broadcast

Variety of push integration, including automatic e-mail delivery, automatic text messaging, automatic notification Slack orders, automatic payment repayment, complete purchase details

High quality design

Home Copywriting, Banner Advertising Carousel, Version Selection, Upgrade RWD Multi-Screen Design (Supports Desktop and Mobile Browse)

Data Analysis and Tracking

GTM settings, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, webmasters tandem, Facebook tracking pixels

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Optimize webpage label, SEO label optimization, Webpage structured data optimization, PageSpeed optimization (Webpage loading speed experience), Sitemap submission

Custom features

Do you want the function is not in the function module? We provide professional customization program expansion, and do not need to charge a high price

Website copywriting

Good copywriting helps to increase the time users spend on the site and drives the ranking of relevant keywords within the SEO article.

Users using Google search reached up to 100%

Mobile device users have reached percent

SharkEC Products Website PageSpeed Average Score

Customer SEO Average Position

Network success stories

Whether it is customized system integration, brand and event sites, native APP development, we create win-win with the highest quality and customer service

Choose the right solution for you


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【Optimize SEO preferred program】-RWD Brand official website+Blog

  • sharkEC basic program, fast sub-blog and brand official website, allowing you to quickly optimize SEO and Google.
  • sharkEC,Blog,sharktec,SEO,brand-website
  • 原價: <% 70000| noFractionCurrency%>
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【SEO business e-commerce program】-RWD Business e-commerce platform+Blog Content marketing

  • fsadf
  • sdfsadf
  • 原價: <% 120000| noFractionCurrency%>


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